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Jerald J. Devitt

Golden Lawyer Jerald J. DevittJerald J. Devitt was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and attended South Dakota State University, receiving a degree in mechanical engineering in 1965, and Georgetown University Law Center, where he was editor of the Georgetown International Law Journal. Mr. Devitt received his law degree in 1971. Mr. Devitt has been a Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Government Affairs Chairman with the Golden Chamber of Commerce. He is presently a board member and Chairman of the Board of the Foothills Art Center in Golden.


 An accomplished attorney, Mr. Devitt has also served on the Colorado Air Quality Hearing Board. Mr. Devitt’s practice primarily involves representation of municipalities and the related land use decisions coming before municipal boards. He handles these matters for governmental agencies, private property owners and developers. His practice also includes estate planning and probate, as well as business organizations. Mr. Devitt is a member of the First Judicial District Bar Association and the Colorado Municipal League.


Mr. Devitt is experienced in all areas of estate planning and administration, will and trust preparation, and those steps necessary to insure minimization of tax burden and the orderly administration of both family needs and business relationships affected by estate planning.


Mr. Devitt provides local governments with first-hand experience dealing with land-use issues. His lengthy representation of Central City spanned the years from the start-up to the maturation of gaming – involving us in the full range of rapid-growth-related issues. These included the development and implementation of new planning, zoning and subdivision regulations; historic preservation regulations and procedures; infrastructure development including water collection, treatment and distribution; street improvements; increased staffing; more complex budgeting processes; bonding; and other financial concerns.


Mr. Devitt has assisted local governments in substantial eminent domain litigation, including acquisition of property for development of public-reservoir, transportation and parking facilities and road rights-of-way. He has prosecuted eminent domain litigation expeditiously and has been included in eminent domain matters for governmental entities, landowners and as a commissioner.


Mr. Devitt has negotiated and drafted many contracts for local governments, including contracts for major construction projects such as development of a storm water collection system, acquisition of property for a reservoir, construction of a water treatment plant and water storage tank, and construction of a waste water treatment plant.

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