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Real Estate/Land Use

The practice of real estate law involves many facets relating to real property. People dealing with real property may be buyers or sellers, owners wanting to plat or subdivide property, or developers who are in the business of developing property for residential or commercial use. We can assist clients who are either buying or selling real estate, whether they are utilizing the services of a realtor or not, up through and including the closing process. We can prepare real estate contracts for buyers or sellers, and we can review and give opinions on real estate contracts prepared by realtors for either buyers or sellers. We can assist the seller in obtaining title insurance, as will probably be required by a real estate contract, and we can assist a buyer in the review of a title insurance commitment to assure the buyer that the title to the real estate will be valid.


Oftentimes, either buyers or sellers desire representation at a real estate closing to assure them that all aspects of the closing are handled properly. We provide that representation and also assist buyers and sellers in reviewing closing documents prior to a closing so that those buyers or sellers are assured that the closing is being properly conducted.


Real estate contracts involving commercial properties often require special conditions as a result of the unique nature of a particular piece of commercial real estate. The preparation or review of commercial real estate contracts to assure buyer or seller that all legal matters involved in the sale or purchase of commercial real estate have been addressed can be very important to the parties involved. Our real estate attorneys have extensive experience in assisting commercial real estate purchasers and sellers in the contract negotiation, due diligence and closing of commercial real estate transactions.


Real estate development and land use representation is another area of real estate law in which our real estate attorneys have substantial experience. Our real estate attorneys have handled land use matters for both governmental entities and private property owners. We have negotiated land use applications for the benefit of property owners and we have assisted in the preparation of land-use codes for governmental entities. Our knowledge of and experience with land use matters permits us to assist either the property owner, developer or governmental entity in reaching a resolution of land-use issues beneficial to all parties concerned.


We remain available to assist the developer on matters encompassing everything from annexations to planned unit developments to subdivisions to boundary adjustments to zoning. Our services include coordination with the governmental entity, working with planners, surveyors and architects, and drafting the appropriate documents and contracts for all levels of development activity.


If you would like to discuss representation in this area of law please contact:

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